1. Week 3 Workout 3

    Completed 9-30

    For some reason week 3 was a hard one for me and I just kept falling away from it. I could blame it on getting ready for the a garage sale and getting my house put back together but really, it’s just an excuse. It took me forever to finish week 3 but I did. Week 4 starts on Wednesday :)

  2. Week 3 Workout 2

    Completed 9/23

    Added the stats to the side 

  3. Week 3 Workout 1

    Completed 9/17

  4. Week 2 Workout 3 Completed 9/13


  5. Zombies Run Maps

    playing catch up! Woops! Havent been posting my maps lately, going to upload them all here soon

  6. Woops forgot to upload this the other day. This was my Week 2 Workout 2 Run, Will post again later today when I do my last week 2 workout :)

  7. Week 2 Day 1 Started with a 2.28mi distance. Feeling pretty good and proud of myself. It’s 100 degrees outside and I still got out there :)



    1 min plank first thing when I woke up… and just finished these work outs…. why Cassey? Why????????? I wasn’t aware I still had abs, and I cant see them but holy crap I can feel them!


  9. Zombies Run 5k Week 1 Workout 2

    Horrible shin splints today :/ Not the best run time nor distance but oh well, some days are worse than others 

  10. Did my first workout with Blogilates and holy crap, Pilates are not a joke. I stretched muscles I didn’t know existed and my abs are burning.